Studio Gestalt Warren Au

What is the best way to facilitate a great working relationship between client and designer?

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Warren says that many home builders and renovators are surprised at the cost of design.

“To have professionals by your side to create your dream project is an investment,” Warren Au

“We always recommended engaging a quality surveyor or a builder for costing analysis, for both residential or commercial projects, to provide costing and/or budget updates at the end of each phase so there are no surprises once the build commences.”

Warren also suggests that clients should do some research into their own goals and desires for their project before engaging a designer.

“Some questions you need to ask yourself are: who do I need to achieve my desired project? What budget am I comfortable spending? Do I need approvals? What’s my timeframe? What’s my end goal? Most industry professionals are more than happy to guide you into the right lane that suits you and your project,” says Warren.



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