Studio Gestalt Zooming In, Finding YIN and YANG in Newtown Residence

The use of warm textures and the essence of a minimal Scandinavian style inspired the redesign of three key spaces in a renovated Sydney Terrace.

When Jennifer and her husband Arash’s little daughter Lilly turned three, the couple decided to move out of their tiny rental and upsize their investment property into a family home. After an extensive renovation of their inner-west Sydney terrace and another addition to the family – baby boy, Ollie – the couple called in the experts to complete the design and styling process.

Studio Gestalt Design came together with Studio Aem to complete the mini-makeover. Whilst a contemporary renovation had already taken place, the kitchen, dining and living area’s needed more warmth and colour. Some key components to give the space a more homely feeling. Studio Gestalt and Studio Aem were engaged to help with furnishing, lighting and other decorative elements. The previous black and white galley kitchen presented the designers with a blank canvas for modern furniture in daring textures, such as a velvet sofa and cane dining chairs.

The simplicity of Modern Scandinavian design was used as a basis and the colour scheme was inspired by the subtlety of the neutral foundations and layered with hints of colour.” The result is a minimalistic, hard-working space that’s tailor-made for a growing family of four.

The kitchen before and after

When entering the kitchen, you cannot miss the feature of black cabinetry concealing bulky appliances and providing hidden shelving. Perfect for creating pockets of storage while creating a dramatic purposeful backdrop. To introduce a softer and moodier touch, a feature pendant over the dining table was chosen working harmoniously with the kitchen. Hanging from the ceiling created more interest and movement in the kitchen. The ‘TR Bulb’ pendant by Menu is a similar style to the Jardan lamp that can be seen in the living room, creating a more coherent feel with the other living area. On the benchtop, greenery and the Dreaming Beyond the Trees, Somewhere artwork by Ingrid Daniell welcomes serene and cool hues.

The dining area before and after

Besides functioning as a dining table, ‘The Wood Room’ table serves as a second benchtop and caters to any occasion the family needs, The ceramic vase by Katarina Wells from Curatorial & Co on the table creates a striking vignette. In addition, hints of warmer oaks were added to the dining table to compensate for the darker cabinetry.

“BY INJECTING colours, tones and textures, WE BROUGHT WARMTH and LIFE INTO THE SPACES” ~ Warren Au of Studio Gestalt.

A wow factor was still missing, and the ‘Triple Threat’ was added to the dining wall as a conversation starter at dinner parties. The trio of artwork from Fineprint Co is a great addition to add a pop of colour to the neutral setting. The loose watercolour style creates a fun and playful atmosphere, boosting anyone’s creativity. To finish it off the Hoffmann dining chairs with cane elements emphasises the quality of traditional craftsmanship and the dark frame underscores the kitchen joinery.

The living room before and after

To enhance the space in the living room a Jardan Ottoman was introduced, playing double duty as a coffee table or extra seating. It was important to scale and proportion the furniture being mindful not to oversize the sofa and occasional chair. Proving that contrast is key, a Stone & Tradition side table from Cult is paired with a tactile rug from Armadillo and a Jardan sofa in deep green velvet. In the corner, a leather Poltrona Frau ‘Ming’s Heart’ armchair from Cult emulates Scandinavian design. The sheer curtains, which add softness to the room, have been strategically placed so the views of the courtyard can still be enjoyed.

Designers Tip: Work with different materials. Add opulence through velvets and warmer tones, then add some fun through sculptural elements.

Newtown Residence Makeover Budget: $27,000


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