Project Insight: Mosman Extension and Renovation

Where Federation Elegance Meets Contemporary Luxury

Here at Studio Gestalt, we believe that exemplary design strikes a delicate balance between historical charm and modern sophistication; and our latest project embodies this philosophy perfectly.

Nestled in the prestigious suburb of Mosman on Sydney’s lower north shore, this stunning Federation-style home has undergone a meticulous internal renovation and floor addition, resulting in a harmonious blend of old-world beauty and present-day comfort.

Mosman House

Ensuring Excellence Through Open Communication

Coming to us from an existing client referral, we were eager to demonstrate to our new client the close collaboration we pride ourselves on at Studio Gestalt.

By maintaining open communication and providing regular updates on the status of the project throughout, we were able to keep the client in the loop at all times, while delivering a result that exceeded expectations.

Far from being unique to this project, these values of transparency and openness form a core part of our ethos, with an unwavering commitment to client collaboration.

Embracing Heritage with a Modern Touch

The Mosman Residence stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of Federation architecture, with its intricate historical appeal and classic Australian style.

Our design team approached this renovation and extension with a deep respect for the home’s heritage features, ensuring that the original charm of the home was not just preserved, but celebrated.

The goal was to weave modern elements into the fabric of the home, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal without overshadowing its historical significance.

A Sharp Focus on Financial Precision

Another important element that contributed to the project’s success was the financial precision gained by continuously monitoring the project’s budget.

We began with a detailed costing exercise following the concept phase and updated it regularly as the project progressed, culminating in the engagement of a trusted builder.

This meticulous approach allowed us to keep the project on track and within budget, providing peace of mind for our client.

How We Achieved the Client’s Vision Through Creative Design Choices

  • Maximising Natural Light and Panoramic Views  
    A key focus of the renovation was to make the most of the home’s existing benefits, including its sweeping city views and an abundance of natural light.
    To achieve this, we employed a soft, light colour palette and natural wooden floors, creating a bright and airy atmosphere throughout the home.
    This choice not only amplified the sense of space but also accentuated the home’s traditional features, such as ornate arches and detailed ceilings.
  • Open-Plan Spaces for Stress-Free Living 
    The renovation aimed to create light-filled, open-plan living areas that exude warmth and spaciousness.
    These spaces are designed to cater to modern family living, with the seamless integration of contemporary features for the utmost convenience and style.
    The kitchen, for instance, boasts a striking dark-toned island that contrasts beautifully with the lighter surroundings, while the living room features sleek black stone accents that add depth and sophistication.
  • Blending the Indoor-Outdoor Experience
    To enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, large windows were strategically placed throughout the home.
    In the bedrooms, these windows not only maximise the stunning views but also allow natural light to flood the space, creating a bright and welcoming environment.
    The living areas are designed to flow effortlessly between the indoors and outdoors, ensuring that the beauty of the exterior landscape is always a focal point of the interior design.

Designing a Modern Family Haven

The result of this thoughtful renovation and extension is a home that perfectly balances traditional charm with sophisticated luxury.

The Mosman Residence is now a light, airy, and sophisticated family haven, where historical elegance meets contemporary comfort.

Our design team meticulously handled every aspect of the renovation, from the bedrooms and bathrooms to the kitchen and living spaces. We provided comprehensive services, including interior design, decoration, and furniture selection, ensuring that every detail was perfect.

At Studio Gestalt, we’re dedicated to creating luxury residences that honour the past while embracing the future.

The Mosman Residence is a shining example of our commitment to excellence and our ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements seamlessly.

If you’re considering a renovation and wish to create a space that’s both elegant and functional, we can help. Our team of experts is here to bring your vision to life, creating a home that reflects your unique style and needs.

Contact us today to start your design journey

For more details and a visual tour of this stunning project, visit our Mosman Residence portfolio page.


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