Newtown Residence

The arrival of their daughter, Lilly, now three, was the push Jennifer and her husband Arash needed to move out of their tiny rental and ‘upsize our investment property into a family home,’ Jennifer tells. After an extensive renovation of their inner-west Sydney terrace and another addition to the family – baby boy, Ollie – the couple called in the experts to complete the design and styling process. ‘A contemporary renovation had already taken place,’ says interior designer Alexandra Mason, director of Studio AEM, who collaborated with Studio Gestalt to transform areas including the open-plan kitchen, dining and living spaces (opposite). ‘It formed a good, solid foundation, but it lacked warmth and colour, so we were engaged to help with the furnishing, lighting, and decoration elements.’ The dramatic black and white galley kitchen presented the designers with a blank canvas for modern furniture in daring textures, such as a velvet sofa and cane chairs. ‘The simplicity of Scandinavian design was used as a basis,’ says Alexandra. ‘The colour scheme was inspired by the subtlety of the neutral foundations and layering with hints of colour.’ The result is a minimalistic, hard-working space that’s tailor-made for a growing family of four.

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