Our Design Process

Gestalt noun – an organised whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts


Understanding your design vision

Whether for residential design or hospitality design, we always start by taking the time to fully understand your interior design goals, needs, and interior aspirations. This design consultation forms the foundation of the project and allows us to tailor our design approach to you. We’ll discuss budget and timeframe, and identify any external support, such as architects and builders.
Mosman Studio Gestalt Luxury Media Library Room Design


Chiswick Studio Gestalt Luxury Cabinetry Styling Room Design



Delving into the design concept

It’s time for a deeper exploration into the schematic design. This stage involves a site visit so we can assess the space and plan each element of your interior design, as well as the development of your unique design concept. In short, we’ll cover all the little details that contribute to a flawless process.


Bringing design visions to life

Continuing our focus on clear communication, we’re now ready to showcase the way we’ll execute your residential design or hospitality design. Through detailed 3D renders showing everything from the layout to fixtures and fittings, you’ll be able to see exactly how we plan to achieve your design goals and create a home or venue that ticks all your boxes. We’ll also take care of all authority approvals, such as Development Applications (DA), Construction Certificates (CC) and/or Complying Development Certificates (CDC).
Mosman Studio Gestalt Luxury Marble Kitchen Design




Fine-tuning your interior and exterior design

At this stage, we’ll start to bring each design element together, finalising the interior details, updating design aspects based on your input, and resolving fixtures and fittings. This in-depth development stage ensures we’ve covered every last detail, making for a seamless experience as we bring it all to life.


Paying attention to every design detail

Comprehensive documentation is an essential component of any design project. Our design team will make sure all required documents are covered, from construction and equipment to fixtures and fittings. Our diligent approach to documentation means you can rest assured that your project will flow smoothly at every stage.


Chiswick Studio Gestalt Luxury Custom Timber Stairs Design



Collaborating to elevate your interior and exterior design

To take your design to the next level, our award-winning interior designers are supported by a handpicked selection of Sydney’s leading architects, builders, landscapers, engineers, and any other specialists you require. We can provide recommendations, review quotes, and coordinate the process, so you can rest assured that your design project is in the best possible hands.


Adding peace of mind to your design project

Studio Gestalt is here to provide support at every stage of the design and build of your residential space or hospitality venue. During the construction phase, we’ll be your eyes and ears on-site, liaising with builders and tradespeople, and implementing quality control checks to ensure everything aligns with your design vision.
Mosman Studio Gestalt Luxury Bathroom Mirror Marble Design


Mosman Studio Gestalt Luxury Sitting Entrance Foyer Design



Ensuring every detail leads to perfection

It’s almost time for the ‘big reveal’. With impeccable attention to detail, our design team will add the final touches to create a breathtaking first impression upon handover. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to identify any defects, as well as apply our interior styling expertise in preparation for the moment you walk through the door.